The “LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE” is a two-day forum, where QX-members share their knowledge and experiences. It takes place once a year (in summer) and always at a new venue.

The uniqueness of the conference is that our members design and construct their own timetable. By selecting from 30 workshops, lectures, talk shops and think tanks, the “LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE” offers a myriad of opportunities and thus is different from all other conferences. Successes, difficulties and defeats are shared with each other – confidentially, casually and also with much humor – among peers and across seniority-levels. It is a source for inspiration and creativity. It broadens members’ perspectives and also functions as a mirror for self-reflection.

QX-members who are willing to contribute an item to the “LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE”, have the opportunity to submit a suggestion for a topic until the end of March. In the end, topics with the largest number of votes are selected.

For further details or to sign up please contact yannick.reiss@quarterly-crossing.com