Exclusive Relations

Every year we interview hundreds of ambitious students, young professionals, executives as well as young entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves from among 8,000 thousand of CVs. Only the most exciting people are invited into the QX-network after their successful completion of the “QX-Development Center” - This amounts to an average of about 100 individuals a year.

Over the years QX has grown to become a true treasure of social capital. The approximately 2,200 members see each other regularly over a variety of events,, with the same, familiar atmosphere accompanying all the QX-Network-Platforms”. This promotes the formation of personal relationships and also forms the basis for the development of private friendships and valuable business contacts.

QX-members consist of both young and experienced leadership talents from the economy (international companies, family-owned companies, strategy consultancies, start-ups, private-equity funds), science, politics, art & culture.