Networking Experience

Since the beginning QX has had the philosophy of fostering confidential exchange, friendly cooperation and experience between communicative and individuals who have distinguished themselves professionally. We strive to constantly renew the interest of our existing members, whilst bringing in new members with fresh ideas into the circle. Our members enrich each other with their individuality and through the sharing of knowledge.

Together we have succeeded in creating a space, in which development takes place. We engage in valuable discussions on topics that we may not normally get the chance to talk about with others– often accompanied, of course, with much laughter. This makes for a fascinating mix: QX-members want to be role models and also to find role models. These gatherings are shaped by the common desire to learn from each other informally. The senior manager learns from the graduate and vice versa on a personal and professional level. All of this of course takes place in a setting that can only be described as “fun”.