Values & Maxims

Modern Humanity


Our life in an industrial and information society leads to a view that turns people into objects instead of perceiving them as a subject. Thus people are reduced to their usability rather than being appreciated for their personality. This feeling is frequently articulated to us and reflected in consulting discussions.

We want the whole person to be effective - rationally, emotionally, socially and physically. For us this means supporting our members in their aspirations towards a professional and personal development which not only considers their values, goals and personalities, but also extensively respects and promotes these.

Spontaneous Confidence Building


The dynamics of the markets care less and less about traditions. In a fast world one must come to an arrangement with new people more quickly. Experience and relationships increasingly dry up in this environment as sources of mutual reliability.

Essential elements of QX are long-term relationships and the personal contact. QX creates an environment, in which talent for spontaneous confidence building is being appreciated and the ability to do so is promoted. This may lead to trust, without which our informal and open meetings would be impossible.

Personable Excellence


Each QX-member demonstrates his excellence through his achievements, his experiences or his commitment within the most diverse areas. This smallest common denominator is one of the principles of our network concept that makes it so effective. Another principle is the openness and simplicity of exchange. Gathering on a private and personal basis as well as laughing together – also about oneself – is no less important to us than an outstanding background.

Inspiring Companionship


We use our entire spectrum of knowledge and experience to do justice to the individuality of our members and customers.

We recommend jobs and career possibilities to our members, in which they can holistically realize their talent as well as fulfill themselves. The long-term validity of our recommendation is always more important than the short-term advantage - it decides whether our support is still perceived as a genuine additional value also after years.