Value Proposition

The Challenge

The “War For Talents” is fierce. Companies are looking desperately for highly qualified leadership talents, but attracting them remains a challenge. Many companies struggle to understand the preferences and demands of these top talents, which need to be addressed in order to attract and retain them on a sustained basis.

  • Do you know the key characteristics of an ideal employer, which you have to communicate convincingly to the top talent target group?
  • Are you aware how top talents perceive your employer brand and why?
  • Do you understand the reasons if talents reject your job offer?
  • Do you know which aspects of the onboarding process to concentrate on?
  • Have you identified the key levers to retain talents sustainably?

Our Value Proposition

The key prerequisite for attracting and retaining top talents is a deep understanding of their needs, attitudes and desires – essentially, being part of “their world”.

This is exactly how QX-Consulting can provide a solution to the challenge: we understand top leadership talents – we live, think and breathe in their world – daily and for many years already

  • Within our QX-Excellence-Network, which is unique worldwide, we have been accompanying hand-picked leadership talents across all seniorities – from students to CEOs - for 20 years
  • We offer numerous platforms for our network members to interchange both professionally and personally in an amicable atmosphere: “Inspiring – Authentic – Private"

This unique talent management expertise enables us to develop and implement innovative, customized talent management concepts aimed at acquiring and retaining top talents. In addition, we can support our clients in professionally managing and orchestrating internal and external talent pools.

As an external service provider QX-Consulting is able to openly and honestly address critical issues and success factors related to our client’s quest for top leadership talents.