Talent Management from a new perspective. Solutions from the target group point of view.

Since 1995 QX –Quarterly Crossing has developed from a small group of young, talented visionaries into a unique network of top leadership talents covering all areas of society. True to the motto “Inspiring – Authentic – Private”, the members regularly stay in touch through quarterly meetings and numerous additional events, in order to exchange both professional and private experiences. The membership in the exclusive network is strictly limited, and the selection criteria are rigorous. In addition to academic and professional excellence, or as appropriate musical or athletic excellence, it is particularly the candidate’s personality, which plays a decisive role. Each member has convinced the demanding QX jury of his charisma and inherent leadership talent.

Due to the permanent exchange of ideas with top talents during the past 20 years, QX has managed to establish an unparalleled expertise in talent management. “QX-Consulting” makes this deep knowledge now available to companies with a high demand for top talents. Especially the personal and private exchange of ideas and experiences with cutting-edge leadership talents allows QX-Consulting to analyze and solve problems from the unique perspective of these talents.