Benefits for Partner Companies

We support our partner companies during all stages of talent management with an individual offer for different needs.  

Recruiting & Placement Service

Introduction and placement of outstanding and suitable candidates for junior-leadership as well as leadership positions. The pre-selection takes place on the basis of a requirement profile and a job specification from the partner company. In contrast to classic personnel consultancies and headhunters we succeed much faster in selecting a suitable and motivated candidate. We usually introduce the first candidates as early as 2-3 weeks afterwards.


This form of cooperation is suitable for companies, which particularly promote leadership careers and equally provide substantial career options. Our QX-partners profit through a special involvement, appreciation and positioning within the “QX-Network-Platforms”.

Consulting & Talent management

The Top 5% of all leadership talents belongs to the hotly contested target group for most companies. Whoever wants to discover and retain these candidates must also understand them precisely. In many years of passionate work for QX-Quarterly Crossing we build up a deep knowledge of this target group on a daily basis. Through our close and personal relationship to our network members we acquired a rare and broadly demanded niche knowledge. As experts for this increasingly important topic of talent management we provide insights and strategic recommendations to our partner companies in the fields of employer branding, HR marketing, sourcing, recruiting, integration, development, retention and people-networking.

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