Become a member

Executives, junior managers, high potentials and committed students with exciting personalities can apply for our network of excellence QX-Quarterly Crossing.

Our selection process guarantees that QX will continuously be enriched with inspiring, motivated, connectable, open and strong personalities. That is the reason why we choose our members according to both formal, experience-related as well as personality-related criteria.

Each QX-member demonstrates excellence through his achievement, his experience or his dedication (e.g. sports, arts, etc.) in at least one field. This smallest common denominator is one of the principles of our network’s operation. A further principle is the openness and straightforwardness of our exchange. Laughing together — also about oneself — is no less important to us than an outstanding background.

QX-Membership Step by Step

  • Apply to tobias.edinger@quarterly-crossing.com
  • Positive pre-selection after biography; academic; practical and professional achievements
  • Successful completion of our problem-solving-test
  • Successful participation in “the QX-Development Center”, the full-day assessment for new members