Many students today pursuing bachelors or masters degree programmes have few opportunities to equip themselves with some professional experience before beginning their career. We are of the opinion that such experience is vital for students in planning for their careers. Thus, we want to give the best, most promising students an opportunity to embark on a new and exciting journey we call the “QX-Gap Year”.

The “QX-Gap Year” is a yearlong internship programme that places students in three to four internships with top companies from in various industries and with a variety of professional functions. By the end of the “QX-Gap Year”, these students would be well acquainted with a wide range of business and management models. Above all, this once-in-a-lifetime experience provides our students with critical perspectives of the professional world and a deeper insight into their talents and interests. It should also answer the most frequently asked question by our top students: Which industry can I make the most impact in – consulting, banking, start-ups, conglomerates, family businesses or other industries?

The “QX-Gap Year” covers a whole gamut of industries and business models. Nearly 200 key decision-makers from all imaginable types of companies have agreed to take these carefully selected students under their wing. These decision-makers come from the best strategy consultants, attractive conglomerates, world-class family businesses, the most successful digital and media companies, the most promising start-ups, NGOs and social entrepreneurs. We also have established banks, large international private equity funds and dynamic venture capital firms as our partners. There are even challenging projects on offer to students keen in the areas of politics, science, arts, culture, sports, entertainment, hospitality, fashion and lifestyle. 

Most students today do not simply want a run-of-the-mill internship. They are instead looking for close and direct contact with respected professionals and executives as well as inspiring and intensive supervision over the course of their entire training period. Such coaching and mentoring will help them grow in their professional career and develop themselves to become well-rounded individuals. Thus, we are guided by these two foundational principles when planning and directing the “QX-Gap Year”: 

1.    The personal and professional goals of our students must and always will remain the focus

Each student participating in the “QX-Gap Year” can expect to have individual “Perspective Conversations” with us, where we reflect on their individual strengths and goals, and provide systematic advice on which internships to choose. We are most concerned in walking alongside them to help them discover, understand and work towards these objectives. 

2.    We are flexible in adapting the “QX-Gap Year” programme as our students discover more about themselves and what they want/need along the way.

As our students gain more insight into the professional world and accumulate more work experience, they also get a better understanding of their individual goals. This means that their plans will also change. We want to support and not hinder our students in this crucial journey of self-discovery. The “QX-Gap Year” understands that changes to the internship programme may sometimes be necessary. Thus, we are flexible in allowing for amendments to be made to the desired industry, company and country in which students will undertake their internships, as their objectives and goals evolve through the period of the “QX Gap Year”. 

We welcome and invite applications (CV with a photo and university transcript) to be submitted as a PDF document to the following e-mail address: qx-gap-year@quarterly-crossing.com