MBA World Summit 2017 | 1st - 4th March, Berlin, Germany


The Pinnacle Summit of the Global MBA Community

The MBA World Summit is about shaping a Global Leadership Community. In every year it invites the 100 most inspiring MBA students from business schools worldwide. All of them will be involved in co-creating the agenda for a four-day Summit, which focuses on the three pillars of nurturing a collaborative culture, facilitating high-impact exchange and championing interdisciplinary approaches to global business problems.

A Creative “Laboratory” for Collaborative Exchange

The MBA World Summit is by far “The” platform where the collective voice and wisdom of the most innovative and passionately collaborative MBA students is heard.
To this end, many participants prepare a series of experimental workshops, termed ’Summit Laboratory Sessions’, to share their knowledge and incubate emerging ideas during the course of the Summit. These workshops span an eclectic gamut of topics and provoke vigorous discussion amongst the participants, helping to forge strong relationships amongst this group of upcoming global business leaders.

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Official Program: MBA World Summit

This year, the MBA World Summit will take place in estonishing Berlin and again, we invite the 100 most inspiring MBA-students from the worldwide leading business schools to spend four days talking about topics they are passionate about and tackling global (business) issues.

After three sucessful editions in Hong Kong, Barcelona and Miami, we are happy to host the MBA World Summit for the first time in its home country.

Take a look into the official program of the MBA World Summit to learn more about the four exciting days the 100 participants will spend in Berlin.

The Pinnacle Summit of the Global Leadership Community: Download the Official Program here!

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Head of HR @ Omnicare Holding GmbH & Co. KG | Munich

Miriam grew up on her family’s vineyard, stemming from a long tradition. In her early years, her parents aimed to lead an alternative and rather esoteric way of life. She was influenced by her Dads passion for inspiration, the preservation of nature and his aspiration for game changing ideas. She attended a Steiner Waldorfschool and when she left school, she decided to study business administration. During her first internship abroad, she met Thomas Fuchs at a restaurant in Melbourne. That was the perfect spark for some CV-tuning activities, more internships to come and a long lasting friendship. Her passion for people and interest in finding ones way to leading a fulfilling life, always drove her to HR related issues and positions. Being able to deal with these questions in an environment, where everyone is passionate about optimizing the ambulant care of cancer patients, is giving her the true feeling of doing something meaningful.

QX: Miriam, beginning of this year you took over your new role as Head of Human Resources at the Omnicare Holding. You have been working in different roles in Human Resources throughout your career. Why HR?

Miriam: What drives me is to support people in getting in the driver seat to achieve their own success and as a result, the success of their (employing) company.

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