Wolfgang Bern

QX: “Helicopters“ and “Brats“ made you a successful business man. What is the story behind these interesting business ideas?

One day I got bored with my motorcycle production business and I wanted to challenge my brain with something new. Therefore I decided to make a helicopter license which has turned out to be one of the most difficult things I have done in life. Over the time I realised that there is a business opportunity for helicopter flights in Hong Kong and China, especially in the area of movie flights and I started a helicopter company.

One of my customers asked me to do aerial shots of his music event and after flying I went down, had a drink and some food. I realised that a German bratwurst would be exactly right for Hong Kongs demanding customers on a festival. So I started Wolfgang’s Flying Brats, the name of course derived from my passion for helicopter flying. Ever since not only me but also the brats are flying and I am now in the process of opening the first two takeaway shops.

QX: You’re a German living in Hong Kong for years now. How come you moved and what keeps you staying?

I moved 14 years ago as I was fascinated from the city and I wanted to be close to my suppliers for my motorcycle parts which I produced in China at that time.

QX: We are also looking forward to experience the international and inspiring atmosphere of Hong Kong while we’re holding our next big event, the MBA World Summit 2014. Again a great thanks to you – without your support we couldn’t have realised its full potential. What made you believe in the power of the Summit?

Many years ago I had the opportunity to go to Singapore, experience the vibrant spirit, the hustle and bustle of Asia. This has for sure influenced my life significantly. The Summit will bring people together from all over the world, many different nations and inspire them to create the future. It will provide a perfect platform to exchange ideas, build new friendships and help people to further develop themselves. This is very valuable to have a platform as a step-stone for further developments, whatever this may be.

QX: Do you already have a specific highlight in mind?

Some of the participants may have never been to Asia. This is a highlight already to experience a new culture and the different views and ways of work and life.

QX: The Gloria honours QX-members who have rendered outstanding about the network. We would like to invite you to the CENTERPLATE Lounge in Frankfurt to sign our Gloria. Any idea when you’ll be landing in Germany again?

I feel very honored to sign the Gloria and will schedule some time in May to fly back to Germany and stop by the CENTERPLATE Lounge.

QX: Finally, we would like to know; what is your personal vanity?

Oh, I am crazy about my Sunday breakfasts which sometimes happen on other days as well just for the fun of it.