Daniel Daub

QX: Daniel, you and your wife have been living in Vienna, Austria for more than 4 years. Before this, you lived in Stuttgart, Vallendar and Cologne. How does living in Vienna compare to Germany? And what do you like the most about life in Austria?

Daniel: Vienna has been selected as the city with the highest quality of living for the fourth time in a row. Something you can truly feel when you come or live here. Besides all the city has to offer, the Austrian culture is also very likeable. It is a great combination of getting things done and enjoying life at the same time – work life balance as it should be. If you schedule a meeting, you often meet at a coffee house instead of the office, in the evening you go to the Heurigen (vineyards) to discuss with friends or colleagues over a nice glass of wine. And for the weekends, you spend time in the mountains or at the lakes to do some sports or relaxing while  enjoying the fantastic nature.

QX turns 18 next month. You have been a member since 2001 – that´s quite a long time. Do you remember how you got in touch with QX?

Daniel: I think it was during my exchange in Lausanne, when I met somebody who recently came back from this exciting event in Hong Kong which was organized by Kennedy Avenue. It all sounded very interesting and a little later I somehow ended up at a BBQ at the old location Kennedyallee, where I met Thomas and other great people. We chatted, laughed and partied till dawn. Since then, I have been with QX and have met many more interesting people with whom I had great conversations about life and work and also the occasional great party.

QX: After your studies in Business Administration at WHU, you started your professional career at Deutsche Telekom. During the last twelve years you worked in a total of seven different positions. This sounds like a fast track and surely is an interesting example of a successful career for our QX-Gap Year students. Between you and me - which of your assignments  was the biggest challenge and why?

Daniel: Probably the biggest challenge was coming to Austria as a German and being responsible for sales and service with a team of now over 500 employees. Especially as sales is a very local function, where networks and know-how of localities and cultural detail is very important. I am therefore very happy that I was able to pass that hurdle and now not only get very positive feedback from the organization, but also from sales partners, etc. What has been very important in this is to take interest in the Austrian approach and not to be too “German”.

QX: A lot of guys have a special passion. What’s your favorite passion?

Daniel: I have a passion for vintage cars and own a 911 Porsche Targa from 1971 myself. It is a pure pleasure to take it out on a sunny weekend and drive it across some narrow Alpine pass roads.

QX: Daniel, thanks a lot for this inspiring interview. Hope to see you soon at one of our next events, maybe at the Wiesn’-QX in September. Last but not least our most signature question: What is your vanity?

Travelling the world. After too much time in one place I tend to get nervous and want to see something else. It’s the variance that makes life interesting.