Carolin Maier

QX: Bachelor in Business Administration in Mannheim, afterwards huge success at Germany’s Next Topmodel, then TV and radio host, some years at QX, Master in Business Administration in Wiesbaden and now McKinsey. What is your next chapter in your illustrious career?   

Carolin: At the moment I’m very happy at McKinsey. I am excited about the dynamics of the company and the great, motivated people . Basically, I'm a very enthusiastic person. I do not want to exclude anything! Instead I´d like to experience as many things as possible. That's why I'm always looking forward to new exciting options and opportunities. This is probably the reason why my former career steps were so different. 

QX: You have been with QX for three years and were well known after a very short time. What do you take from that period? 

Carolin: It is hard to describe it with just some sentences but to make a long story short: it’s especially: friendship, fun, forthrightness. And great QX members that inspire you through their careers and experiences. To give an example: After finishing my Master in Business Administration I had the chance to start as a consultant at another consulting firm. But somehow I was not 100% comfortable with this. In a very personal conversation with another network member, I was advised: "Carolin, do what you do best! You will certainly be a "good" consultant but surely a thousand times better recruiter. " I have taken it to heart and was able to find the right path for me.

QX: What’s on your agenda for 2015?

Carolin: Professionally, I would like to continue my development at McKinsey. There are still many interesting options, for example a temporary Office Exchange to support recruiting teams in other offices worldwide. Currently they are seeking for recruiters to support the McKinsey office in Costa Rica and in my private life everything can go on as it is at the moment. I am perfectly happy…

QX: Pre-Christmas season – thoughtful time. What is currently on your mind? 

Carolin: I'm a total Christmas fan! I'm really looking forward to the holidays. In my family we celebrate Christmas very traditionally: We all go to church and before exchanging the presents we sing carols together. I enjoy it when the world loses something of its “ busyhustle” in this time. You find moments to rest and focus on the things that are really important for yourself.

QX: From your years of cooperation with QX we know that time with your family, friends and especially your girls are highly important for you as compensation:  

Carolin: In any case! No matter how much I travel for work, this is real “quality time” for me: Whether girls nights out on the famous Berger Strasse in Frankfurt, family birthdays or some time with my friends enjoying the good “Frankfurter Apfelwein”. These are moments that really energize me.

QX: Are there times to have Caro all for oneself?

Carolin: Sometimes, but not that often to be honest… I started with Yoga classes last year… Does that countJ?

QX: And of course, last but not least: What is your vanity?

Carolin: I suggest I am the only person who prefers Frankfurt’s Skyline to New York’s….. I am a big  “Frankfurt Fan” and I am really happy to be back home again.