Thorsten Teigeler

QX: You have known Thomas for more than twenty years now and joined the network as one of the first. In all those years of your membership you surely have experienced a lot of changes and developments of QX. Therefore, it did not surprise us that you were one of the first curious visitors of our new location - the QX-Manor. We were very delighted that you even extended your stay by spontaneously spending the night in our bunk bed residence. How did you like that experience?

Thorsten: I was really keen to see the new QX-Manor because of the stories told by Thomas. So I decided to take a “real life”-look on it as soon as possible. I personally hope that the new QX-Manor will develop towards a meeting place for all QX members where you can meet inspiring people spontaneously to share experiences in a casual atmosphere. As far as I can evaluate that - based on my first stay over-night - you are on the right track! :-)

QX: More than 12 years ago you decided to become self-employed. What were the driving forces behind this decision?

Thorsten: After finishing my bank apprenticeship I started to study and soon realized that the structures and constraints of big companies are things I will not get on with. I always wanted to do the things that I personally wanted to do without working in given structures. As a logical consequence I decided to become self-employed. That my self-employment developed in the direction of a freelance consultant was a circumstance of meeting the right people at the right time – and also a little bit of luck. In retrospect all those decisions were the right ones and I am truly happy to be where I am today.

QX: What were your biggest obstacles to overcome when you first started your company? What do you suggest to friends who might want to make similar steps as you did?

Thorsten: Certainly there are some of them. To mention them all would go beyond the scope here. If someone is interested in details he / she can contact me at any time. :-) Generally I believe in making decision in life not only based on rational reasons but also based on emotions. I have always dealt with things in this way, and my experience has always been a positive one. If you concentrate on the things you love to do, success will follow.

QX: You commute between Frankfurt and Basel a lot. Does this circumstance present you with a lot of challenges regarding the organization of your free time? Tell us about the private Thorsten.

Thorsten: The management of my private life truly requires a certain organizational effort – but that works well most of the time. I would certainly sometimes prefer to have more spare time to meet my friends and to fulfill all their expectations. Generally I try to maintain friendships that are important for me – whether it is with delicious food and a good glass of wine or simply by dancing all night.

QX: Thank you a lot for having given us insights into your professional and private life, Thorsten. There is one last thing, that we are of course curious to get to know: what is your personal vanity?

Thorsten: Those of you who know me well, certainly know that I have several vanities of which I will mention only one: I am next to Fergie: A little party never killed nobody :-)