Sonny Khosravi

Managing Director at Fashion For Floors | Frankfurt

Sonny Khosravi travelled around the globe after finishing school to live out his passion for photography and aesthetics. This is why he started to study arts and sociology as well as business administration. During his studies, he was External Relation Manager for AIESEC where Sonny discovered his talent for sales. When he worked for a private member club in Frankfurt, he was being introduced to Kamyar Moghadam – Head and Founder of Fashion For Floors. After getting familiar with the work in the headquarters in Monaco and owning some strategic projects, he became responsible for the German-speaking area.

QX: Sonny, since we have been in touch for more than a year you are managing director at fashion for floors. Where did your career actually start?

Since I have been a little child, I wanted to be independent and consequently self-employed in order to earn my own money. This is why I started being a paperboy to learn how to deal with money. During my time at AIESEC and other jobs, I found out that I enjoyed working with people; hence, I focused my work on sales and marketing. Since 2014 I have been at Fashion For Floors and the end is not yet in sight.

QX: Fashion For Floors is the leading company for luxury carpets with unique designs. For you personally, what is the most fascinating aspect in the interior design industry?

Design has the ability to take up characters and emotions and reflect these to the environment. My job is about understanding customer needs and emotions turning a house into a home. The key to success is creating harmony between different interiors. 

QX: I bet it’s difficult sometimes fulfilling customers’ needs…?

Fashion For Floors is standing for exceptional art. But sometimes our clients surprise us with very special kind of desires like a tapestry full of diamonds to share just one confidential example.

QX: How do you create quality time moments in your life besides business? Tell us some secrets about the “private Sonny” – lying on a handpicked carpet at the Côte d’Azur?

Indeed, I enjoy my time at the Cote d’Azur but I do also prefer spending time with my friends and family. It doesn’t matter where we come together but delicious food (dry-aged steaks are my favorite) and red wine is typically accompanying us.

QX: You grew up in the beautiful Taunus. Nowadays, you are flying around the globe. What drives you and what is your passion?

Every culture is different and here are various understandings of what is deemed aesthetic and how high-quality craftsmanship is being defined. That’s why I enjoy travelling and expanding my horizon, understanding connections and developing myself – this is my major motivation.  

QX: Coming to the end – what is your vanity? 

I got an ambiguous sense of humor and from time to time it’s clearly being misunderstood. Having that said, I think an interview like this is providing a comprehensive overview about myself, anyways.