Rodney Dial

Rodney Dial
Stanford Graduate School of Business


QX: Rodney, as a Stanford MBA candidate of 2014 you surely had a myriad of options. Why have you chosen QX for your summer internship?

Rodney: For me, deciding to join QX boiled down to two things. First, I wanted to be in Europe for the summer. Having spent a great deal of time in Africa and Asia this past year, I really wanted to spend this summer experiencing Europe. Second, I wanted to work for a small, vibrant company where I could have an impact in a short period of time. QX fit the bill on both fronts.

QX: You have been part of our QX-Crew for almost a month now. What have you been working on so far, and what has been the highlight of your internhsip?

Rodney: The beauty of working at a company like QX is that it affords you the opportunity to work on a plethora of different projects over a short period of time. In my time at QX, I have been working on a number of things including building a QX directory (Almanach) that will be of benefit to QX members as well as evaluating a new location for QX as they outgrow their current office space. However, my primary responsibility has been building out relationships with participating MBA universities for the 2014 MBA World Summit.

QX: How does the work at QX match your background as well as your future goals?

Rodney: Working at QX feels a lot like working at a startup. Everyday you come to work not knowing what you will spend the bulk of your day working on. In that regard, it is very similar to previous experiences that I have had in startups and small companies. As an aspiring entrepreneur, QX has provided me the opportunity to associate with smart people who have built a successful company from the ground up. More than anything else, the relationships that I have built in my time at QX will serve as a springboard to my future goal of starting my own company.

QX: We know you are very passionate about traveling! Tomorrow you will be flying to Istanbul to join the QX-IX - the learning and leadership expedition, so there is a great country still to come. However, what countries have you been able to visit, and which one fascinated you the most?

Rodney: I do love to travel. One of my main reasons for coming to QX was the opportunity it presented to travel extensively throughout Europe. In addition to spending time in Germany and Istanbul, I have also been able to visit Switzerland and the Netherlands, with plans to spend time in Italy and Spain before returning to the States. Exploring the picturesque canals and learning more of the history of Amsterdam were both incredible experiences; however, experiencing the grandeur and beauty of the Swiss Alps will go down as one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life and definitely the most fascinating travel experience during my time at QX.

QX: What do you personally affiliate with our three motto words „Inspiring. Authentic. Private“?

Rodney: At the end of the day, no amount of success that I achieve professionally will compensate for failure in my personal life with family and friends. I think the QX motto perfectly captures the need for building a network of friends and professional colleagues who are genuine and inspire you to be great in every aspect of your life. I have witnessed how fleeting and unfulfilling professional and monetary success can be. When professional failures occur, as they inevitably will throughout my career, I am very comforted by the fact that I measure the value of my professional and personal pursuits more on the quality of relationships that I have developed than based on the value of my net worth.

QX: Considering the title of our interview series „Vanity of the Month“, please allow me to ask, what is your vanity?

Rodney: While many people build vast collections of cars, jewelry, clothes, etc. over the course of their lives, I prefer to collect experiences. I devote an inordinate amount of my time and income to filling my life with extraordinary experiences surrounded by those dearest to me. This includes eating at world-class restaurants, traveling to exotic places with my wife, and golfing at some of the world’s most historic golf courses. You could say that my vanity in life is experiencing the world with the people that matter most to me. The next item on my bucket list is to go to Wimbledon next summer.