Philipp Riederle

QX: Just 16 years old you joined QX in 2010. You've been No.1 on the iTunes charts, entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker at our LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE. How does it feel for you to now having your A-Level done and beginning to study?

Philipp: Since graduating from high school in 2013, I really enjoy it, to deal with completely self-determined issues and projects that are important to me. Now after about 1.5 years of very intense and independent work as a speaker and consultant, I feel the need to get a deeper insight into my favorite subjects.

QX: A famous American investor recently argued in the press that the truly great new corporate stories like Facebook and Apple, to name just 2, were written by study drop-outs!?!

Philipp: It's not just those smart people (or successful entrepreneurs), which hand in all their homework on time or collect all sorts of certificates, diplomas and titles. In my opinion, a sound (basic) knowledge is necessary, absolutely. To acquire such a university education is a much-used route, but same knowledge can be earned also in other forms. And besides, the success also includes some factors that you cannot learn at university.

QX: I can imagine that at Zeppelin University you are a role model for your fellow students. How do you deal with the resulting responsibility?

Philipp: In the school and otherwise in private life, I am very cautious when it comes to my career and also the associated success. I am a student like everyone else who perhaps has a proper job and a bit more next to the university. When someone asks me for my opinion or my advice, I try to help or discuss in the best possible way and I also like to bring in my personal experience. Just as probably many of my fellow students would do.

QX: We experience at QX, that many students use their university time to postpone the decision for a particular path in life. In this context, you will probably be asked as sparring partner. What advice do you give?

Philipp: Those who attend university have already basically decided for a certain direction. The final path can’t be planned ahead anyway. While studying I think it’s smart to acquire a universal knowledge, craft stuff, which then can be used "on-the-job" on various industries and locations. That is indeed just the beautiful thing at university. 

QX: What does home mean to you?

My generation grew up in an era in which we have always been able to easily do anything at any place. But we need constants in life! Such as a place (and people) we can always rely on and from where we go out into the world. By now my generation evaluates the value of "home" as important as ever. And I feel exactly the same way as a large part of my generation.

QX: Maverick or Philistine?

Philipp: Something in between. I couldn’t work without punctuality, reliability, order, clear responsibilities and the "Tatort“. But without thinking along, rethinking, questioning, creativity and culture of errors I couldn’t live at all.

QX: We look forward to welcoming you very soon in our QX-Manor. Last but not least: What is your vanity? :-)

Philipp: My structural constraint. Regardless of the information or decision meant, I first draw bullet points, a table or a graph.