Maximilian Zoller

Assistant to the CEO - FLYERALARM GmbH

QX: Maximilian, you did internships at Morgan Stanley, Procter & Gamble and McKinsey and finished your studies last year at the University of Mannheim. You are thus someone with countless of opportunities ahead of you. Since last month you’re the new Assistant to the CEO at FLYERALARM. How did you come to this decision?

Maximilian: I learnt a lot from all of those experiences and would not trade them for anything as they have shaped me immensely both professionally and privately. However, I decided to join FLYERALARM as Assistant to the CEO because the job combines aspects from all of the mentioned stations with a highly dynamic and interesting industry sector. On top of that, I think that FLYERALARM is just in the sweet spot between a start-up and a corporation. It is still a very young and entreupreneurial company but at the same time we are way beyond any proof-of-concept phase and very profitable. For the challenges ahead, this puts us in a great position.

QX: How do you see your development opportunities at FLYERALARM?

Maximilian: As mentioned, there are major challenges ahead of us: We have grown massively in the last years and to sustain this level of growth we will have to grow in many aspects and directions, not lastly in terms of internationalization. Needless to say that this means an abundance of opportunities for every individual and thanks to the size of our company the impact I have in my daily work is immediately visible. I believe that this combination offers excellent development opportunities.

QX: This all sounds very exciting but tell us about your private life, Maximilian.

Maximilian: After having travelled and moved a lot in the last couple of years, I currently enjoy staying at one location for a while. However, I am quite sure the travel fever will catch on rather soon again, and may it only be for visiting my friends who are by now spread throughout the world. Maintaining all these distant friendships in the upcoming years is one of the key priorities in my private space.

QX: You have now been with QX for one and a half years – What does QX mean to you? Why did you join QX?

Maximilian: QX is like a home I always like to return to, regardless of the location. Events are always fun but there is always something more than just fun involved, be it in the form of a new professional perspective or a really inspiring conversation. Even though it sounds awfully cheesy, I really feel at home whenever I am around QX people.

QX: During your studies, you experienced our DECK TWELVE, the Strategic Advisory Board of QX, twice as a “Student Representative”. What challenges and opportunities do you see for QX in the changing habits and needs of Generation Y?

Maximilian: That is a tough one, especially since I perceive that even within the so called Generation Y there are substantial differences. One thing I would say though is that my generation values certain flexibilities and is hence confronted with many (job) options, location and setting changes, etc. This is a need QX can perfectly attend to: In the private space QX can serve as an anchor, where recently introduced formats such as the QX-Quality Time can make our members feel at home more easily in new places. In a professional context the intimate knowledge of the QX-Crew about each member can help her or him filter potential job prospects. All in all, I believe that being both an anchor and a filter could be a vital task for QX in assisting its Generation Y members.

QX: What is your vanity?

Maximilian: Even if I do read books digitally or borrow them from someone else, I tend to re-buy books in a print version if I liked them - just to have them on my shelve…