Judith Grote

Founder & CEO 3aARt, Luxemburg

QX: You are founder of an art company where you are pursuing to transfer knowledge and passion for art to a wider range of people. How did you come up with the idea to combine the worlds of art and business?

Judith: I want people to change their behavior with regard to art in their surrounding environment. Art is a part of our personality we show of to others - Feelings, passion, expression of our thinking. 3aArt is a picture-change system which gives the freedom to companies to change this expression in times of constant alteration - Targets, orientation and humans which form the company. I had to launch this product since it is needed, it is modern and flexible. In a company art has an enormous influence on the well-being and motivation of employees. It has not always to be real art, with 3aArt my clients obtain first class atmosphere for less investment.

QX: Generally, the number of successful start-ups is on the rise. You have a unique product for the market, but apparently the question arises why you are choosing to be your own boss and stepping into entrepreneurship?

Judith: Being your own boss you can create your own company philosophy. The composition of the team is essential for a company. You have to care and treasure for your employees since only a good atmosphere and communication among the team creates efficiency and comfort at the same time. Flexibility is an important topic as well. As a mother I myself do need a high degree of flexibility when it comes to the company. Something I naturally also grant to my employees. You have to bring trust towards your employees to regain the highest possible engagement and energy for the company and their work.

QX: You are an outgoing person with an attitude to captivate people with your behavior. Is there any fear or dread you are worried about?

Judith: I am a really open minded person and that is the reason why I share my worries. Of course I am frightened of decisions that might risk the financial backup of my employees - I do not want to disappoint them. The responsibility for the welfare of the company is a heavy charge to bear. I certainly cannot deny this fact.

QX: Your participation in the TV-Show “Dragons’ Den” (Höhle der Löwen) was a big step for your company. Your personal background and historical circumstances influenced you in a certain way. Did the suicide of your life partner alter your view on certain situations and did your attendance in the TV show unleashed a feeling of fulfillment?

Judith: The death of my life partner did absolutely change me. It became obvious to me that you cannot - neither should - map your whole life up front. It has helped me to stand up again every time since then. My “sensor for people” has become much more sensitive and my empathic abilities are much stronger as well. Today it certainly helps me to differ between reliable and shady business partners.
The overwhelming reactions after “Dragons Den” triggered absolutely a feeling of fulfillment. The audience reactions on my person and my product were immeasurably positive. The sensation of creating a product which will eventually revolutionize the picture market has been confirmed one more time. Numerous sales men and investors have contacted us. That provides us with the possibility to keep on developing our company independently.

QX: You seem like you have found your own balance in life so the question “what matters most to you and why?” is something you are well aware of. Would you mind to share your thoughts about the value of life with our members?

Judith: The most important thing in my life is my family and my friends. You have to care for them because they are much more worth than all the money in the world. Furthermore you must not loose sight of an objective if you are convinced about it. But at the same time you should keep your eyes and ears open, not least for criticism. Each of us has weaknesses. You have to be honest to yourself and remedy your weaknesses by surrounding yourself with people who can compensate for them. Partners, friends and employees are then of course allowed to have tough discussions with me. Whoever follows his goals with courage, passion, and honesty, can look in the mirror each morning with a clear conscience.

QX: What is your Vanity?

Judith: As a mother and entrepreneur I cannot afford to have vanities. But I have to admit that I have a pronounced assertiveness. I always have to be the center of attention. I should restrain myself more often, so others do get a word in edgewise.