Christian Buchecker

QX: Christian, in your job at WOLFORD AG you are dealing with products rather unusual for men. Can you tell us something about WOLFORD, your position and how you got there?

Christian: Wolford is a leading fashion brand for women’s Legwear and Lingerie for over 60 years. In difference to almost all clothing producer still major parts of the collection is getting produced in Austria, just below my office. Those Products might be unusual for men in the sense of wearing but there are only a few things better to deal with! In my particular position as Head of Merchandising my function is to build the bridge between sales and product development to ensure that our collection reflect market demand. We then are budgeting, assorting and delivering products which women later love to buy in our own shops – and to wear. Actually it has been QX who opened the fashion industry door to me once starting at Peek &Cloppenburg after my business studies. So thanks from my side, a big one from my wife and from my two and a half boys when they one day will realize. By the way – if anybody should be looking for some great lingerie to wear with your fancy ballroom-dresses at the QX-Queen Mary II Transatlantic Crossing in April: I know where to get it!

QX: You got in touch with QX in 2003. Ten years QX –what do you think is special about it and why do you like joining the QX-events?

Christian: I always loved the leisure and cool atmosphere and spirit which goes with any of your great happenings and activities. It is good to see that networking can be lived in such a relaxed mode and always fun based. QX means a wide portfolio of different characters, job branches and ages but your happenings always stand for a moment to get in contact with new and inspiring impressions, just thinking of Florian, the mind seducer.

QX: Is there an event you’re especially fond of?

Christian: My favorite:Wies’n Crossing where networking gets almost to its basic meaning. Despite the actual tight schedule especially in my private career I would love to join much more of your events, I heard from a SpaceX on mars…

QX: In the past couple of years there were significant events in your private life. How has being a dad of two sons changed you as a person, your perspective on your job and life in general?

Christian: It changes a lot and I am curious about the third boy who is on the way. I once got told that entering next generation will change my life by 180 degree. Today I can empirically proof that this is right but in a different sence. It does not change your life itself but your view on it, away from looking just after yourself and for your own advantage towards someone else’s view who may judge things the opposite, mostly does not prejudge at all. I also recommend anyone to go down on your knees and have a look around, amazingly different!

Private life though enters the next level, we just got back from a beautiful but exhausting skiing vacation in the dolomites, the honey the monkey(s) and the donkey;-) 

QX: Last but not least: What is your Vanity?

Christian: Never question my skills being the best stocking loving dad in QX network.