Caroline u. Philipp Hatlapa

Founders - Nipparel kids clothing

QX: Philipp, after you were working at the Sales Department of "A Kind of Guise"you are now the CEO and Founder of Nipparel together with your sister. How did you change your view from working for a literally grown up fashion producer to be the founder of a kids fashion company?

Philipp: When I was working with "A Kind of Guise" I already had quite a lot to do with other tasks in the company such as production or marketing. I always liked the idea of being involved in the whole value chain, from creation to shelf. Therefore, it was not such a great change of mindset for me but more the natural evolution of my inner wish. Of course, you cannot be an expert in all aspects but you can learn quite a lot by trying things out. And luckily it has been both of us - my sister and myself - to found Nipparel as we can fuse our knowledge and experiences.

QX: Caroline, the first time in history „Vanity of the Month“ is featuring two persons at once. Is there a clear distribution of the different Core Competences in your company?

Caroline: We are happy to be the first Vanity of the Month "couple", thank you for this opportunity!

Certainly you need a clear separation of tasks and competences to get things done and keep a good focus on the business. Moreover, everybody has his strengths and we are both convinced that we should use them to get the best results. Philipp is clearly our online expert and spends most of his time optimizing the shopping experience in our onlineshop and improving our online marketing activities. When it comes to product we both have a very common view on what we want to offer to our target group and what Nipparel is standing for. I’m taking care of PR, the whole administration and organizational issues. Even though we have this clear separation in competences we do discuss most of the things to get the best results. And very often new ideas and approaches come up during our discussions that we didn't think about before.

QX: Philipp, how did the idea of producing kids fashion develop without having kids yourself?

Philipp: The idea to create a label dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility evolved when I lived at my sister's place. At that time we both worked in the fashion sector and were very affected by the catastrophies happening in textile production sites in Far East. We started discussions about the developments in the fashion industry, sustainability, social responsibility, etc., also with friends and figured out that most of them who already have kids were in search of a cool but politically correct kidswear label. A couple of weeks and many informative talks with some mums later we started working on our collection and created our label called Nipparel - a fusion of "nipper" and "apparel".

QX: Caroline, Quarterly Crossing is a network shaped by the members and for the members. What would be the main advice you can give about being an entrepreneur?

Caroline: Love it or leave it. That is my general credo in life and I believe that people achieve the best results when they do something they have passion for. Especially being an entrepreneur brings many challenges along that request your full dedication for the topic and you need to strongly believe in your idea to cope with all of them.

QX: Do you both have any rituals you are favouritely doing during the week?

Caroline/ Philipp: We both love good and healthy food, hence we try to cook fresh meals as often as possible. And surely, we use this time also to discuss about Nipparel, our to-do-list and new ideas.

QX: What is your Vanity?

Caroline/ Philipp:
That is pretty clear to both of us: Nipparel.