Birgit Langer

Inventor & Discoverer | Hanover, Germany

After school Birgit decided that the time had come to leave theory and started an apprenticeship in the biologic-technical area working on artificial mice twins and studying their behavior. In 1985 she began to work with Schering AG on the development of pharmaceutical products coordinating the worldwide process to get a drug to the market. In Lima, Peru, she founded her own company to treat women in their menopause. Back from South America, she entered the field of customer support and worked for different companies such as ebay in Berlin. Gaining wide experience in all areas of the busy beehive, delivering it as strategic inhouse consulting.
The big bang came in July 2014, when Birgit realized that her work did not give her inspiration and happiness any more… but the exact opposite: depression and exhaustion. For her, the time to realize that change was necessary for survival: Listen to your body and your feelings, and trying to live every single moment. Since then, step by step, she is on a new track discovering and reinventing herself…
At the moment, Birgit together with other amateur actors is preparing for the opening night of a new play “The curious savage” by John Patrick, which took place the first time on 12th of February in Hannover.

QX: Birgit, looking back you have been on quite a journey so far. Before talking about some of your stations, I would like to ask about the red thread connecting all these different dots or in other words: What was it that drove you forward all the time?
Birgit: I always wanted to discover and experience new things, learn more and make things happen. I know that anyone can do anything, if he/she wants it.

QX: After working for Schering you decided to move to Lima in order to found your own company treating women in the menopause. How did that come about?
Birgit: Well, the menopause was my working subject at that time, and it is an important area for a woman and her companion in life since so many changes are going to happen. Lima was chosen to be a small test market for the idea of treating the menopause differently, in a way of wellbeing and not as a disease. Thus, we integrated the partner and family in the process of understanding what symptoms and changes are occurring and treated the symptoms with a hormone therapy. In addition we examined the process of osteoporosis which often happens subsequently at a later point leading to fractures and at some point possibly to death.

QX: In one line, South America compared to Germany?
Birgit: Great, I loved it: people are much more open, they take nothing for granted but enjoy every single positive moment. I learned much about life-affirming attitude.

QX: After returning to Germany you worked successfully for several companies in the area of customer support. Though in 2014 you realized that you were not entirely happy anymore, but quite the opposite. Would you mind sharing your experiences from that time? - What were the signs? And what was it that finally triggered your decision to make a cut?
Birgit: At some point, you are not any more interested in a private life besides sleeping and doing nothing at all. Every single flick of the wrist exhausts you and you are not taking care of your body any more - You have lost any interest in life…
Actually the final trigger was the Leadership Conference, which took place 2 weeks after I went to a doctor for the first time. The exchange with and the experience of other QX members showed me that I was not alone. Coming back home, I knew that there was no way back to the old job…

QX: “So since then, step by step I discover and invent myself new…” – How does that look like?
Birgit: Well, I worked on all areas of my being. The physical fitness by starting long walks, taking yoga classes, eating healthy and regularly. With professional help I learned about my drivers and my obstacles, so more and more I understand how I am. The next step will be to find a new challenge for the upcoming years.

QX: How did you get to participate in the play “The curious savage” by John Patrick, and what is it about?
Birgit: I am part of the drama group since 2000. But played only smaller roles once in a while due to the fact that it needs your full attention to get into a role in order to repeat the feelings and ideas of the person you ‘enter’ 12-14 times.

Mrs. Savage is taken by her stepchildren into a madhouse as they don’t want her to put the 10 million inherited dollars from their father into a foundation which fulfills crazy wishes. They want the money for themselves. But the money disappears… Now, they want the medical management to try a drug on their stepmother to make her tell the truth, though all the other residents try to support and help Mrs. Savage. In the end, it’s unclear who is mad and who not…
It’s a comedy but with a serious background.

QX: And your part?
Birgit: I am one of the three stepchildren, Lily Belle, I have been married and divorced about 6 times and cannot imagine living without money.

QX: How was the first performance? And what are you takeaways from this experience?
Birgit: It was great. In the meantime about 2000 visitors saw the play and I got a lot of very positive feedback for my part: very authentic and passionate.

When I was asked in the beginning, I was hesitant due to my break down and not sure that I could do it: a lot of text learning (even on our QM2 trip), my brain seemed slower and I often forgot the exact course and movement sequences of the play. But in the end I performed together with the team a convincing play and I am proud and happy now that I never gave up. To do something very different from your daily work can also help to get you confidence and self-esteem back.

QX: You have been with QX for quite a while. What does QX mean to you?
Birgit: QX means family for me. Joining a QX event is always like coming home. Besides this very special atmosphere it keeps my brain working ;-)

QX: Your favorite memory of your QX time?
Birgit: The QM2 trips are always very special to me.

QX: What is your vanity?
Birgit: Well, I guess it changed too. From perfectness to ???

Thank you so much for the insights!