QX-Development Center

Das QX-Development Center ist unser mehrfach jährlich stattfindendes Auswahl-Assessment für neue Mitglieder des QX-Netzwerks. Diese finden in der QX-Manor in Frankfurt am Main statt. 

Der nächste Termin:

27./28. April 2017 in Frankfurt

Bewerbungen (CV sowie vollständige Zeugnisse) können ganzjährig als einzelne PDF-Datei über membership@quarterly-crossing.com eingereicht werden.


ICU Cover

Am 07. und 08. September findet das 2. Finale des in Deutschland einzigartigen Stipendien-Programms ICU (“I See You”) statt.

Das ICU Stipendium bietet eine umfassende und einzigartige Förderung von Leadership mit internationalen Praktika und Gap-Year Projekten, Vorstands-Mentoring, Executive-Coaching, finanzieller Unterstützung sowie nachhaltiger Sichtbarkeit bei Top-Entscheidern.

Weitere Information gibt es auf der Webseite www.icu-scholarship.com


QX-Cruise vom 30. September - 7. Oktober 2017

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Mehak Chadha: Senior Product Manager @ Amazon | Munich, Germany

Mehak is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon in Munich, Germany. She manages the Amazon Dash program, a strategic initiative of the Alexa Smart Home ecosystem, across 5 European countries: Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain. Mehak is passionate about solving business problems and creating memorable consumer experiences. She concluded her MBA from the National University of Singapore with an exchange semester at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, United States.

QX: Mehak, you describe yourself as an “Innovative Marketer, Strategy Consultant and Analytics Geek” with the career goal “to find the balance between data driven decisions and creative storytelling to have the greatest business impact.” How does that translate into your day-to-day work and life?

Mehak: I think of myself as equally “right-brained” as “left-brained”. In university, I studied Economics and Statistics with English Poetry and Literature. I worked 3 years at Disney, one of the world’s most creative companies, learning the fundamentals of creative storytelling. At Amazon, I dive-deep into big data to find answers to everyday business problems. I started my career as a marketing and communications professional. As I advanced in my career and started solving business problems at an organizational, regional and even global level, strategic consulting became a passion. As a part-poet and part-quant, irrespective of the role, organization or challenge, I focus on the analytics while finding creative ways to make a business impact...

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