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QX-Development Center

Das QX-Development Center ist unser mehrfach jährlich stattfindendes Auswahl-Assessment für neue Mitglieder des QX-Netzwerks.

Der nächste Termin:

3./ 4. August 2017 in Frankfurt

Bewerbungen (CV sowie vollständige Zeugnisse) können ganzjährig als einzelne PDF-Datei über membership@quarterly-crossing.com eingereicht werden.


ICU Cover

Am 07. und 08. September findet das 2. Finale des in Deutschland einzigartigen Stipendien-Programms ICU (“I See You”) statt.

Das ICU Stipendium bietet eine umfassende und einzigartige Förderung von Leadership mit internationalen Praktika und Gap-Year Projekten, Vorstands-Mentoring, Executive-Coaching, finanzieller Unterstützung sowie nachhaltiger Sichtbarkeit bei Top-Entscheidern.

Weitere Information gibt es auf der Webseite www.icu-scholarship.com


QX-Cruise vom 30. September - 7. Oktober 2017

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MBA Candidate, IE Business School | Madrid, Spain

Lolita Taub
is a TEDx speaker and keynote, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, an artificial intelligence enthusiast, and an enterprise tech professional. She holds 9 years of enterprise B2B software-hardware-and-services sales experience at IBM, Cisco Systems, and in Silicon Valley. Lolita has been recognized for her work on Forbes, Inc.com, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Los Angeles Times, among other publications.

Currently, Lolita resides in Madrid, Spain with her husband where she is an MBA student at IE Business School (ranked #8 Global MBA by the Financial Times), an intern at venture capital firm K Fund, and a mentor for the IBM AI X Prize.

QX: Lolita, mid of June this year you gave a TEDx talk about Artificial Intelligence, its merits and challenges. First of all, why should everyone join the AI conversation?

Lolita: Work, life, and play will be disrupted by AI. How this happens depends on those building AIs and those leading in the field. As it stands, they are largely a homogenous community; and this homogeneity poses a threat in the amplification of opportunity inequality and diversity discrimination in the world (among other things). To avoid harm caused by AIs and position AI to truly augment our lives, I encourage everyone to join the AI conversation. After all, the voices of the people who will be influenced by AI need to be heard.

QX: “Human smart, but machine fast output” - If technology can learn to do everything that we can do, but better, what does that leave for us?

Lolita: Two things come to mind: purpose and...

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