QX-Development Center

Das QX-Development Center ist unser mehrfach jährlich stattfindendes Auswahl-Assessment für neue Mitglieder des QX-Netzwerks. Diese finden in der QX-Manor in Frankfurt am Main statt. 

Der nächste Termin:

28./29. April 2017 in Frankfurt

Bewerbungen (CV sowie vollständige Zeugnisse) können ganzjährig als einzelne PDF-Datei über membership@quarterly-crossing.com eingereicht werden.


ICU Cover

Am 08. und 09. September findet das 2. Finale des in Deutschland einzigartigen Stipendien-Programms ICU (“I See You”) statt.

Das ICU Stipendium bietet eine umfassende und einzigartige Förderung von Leadership mit internationalen Praktika und Gap-Year Projekten, Vorstands-Mentoring, Executive-Coaching, finanzieller Unterstützung sowie nachhaltiger Sichtbarkeit bei Top-Entscheidern.

Weitere Information gibt es auf der Webseite www.icu-scholarship.com


QX-Cruise vom 30. September - 7. Oktober 2017

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Alexander Flade: Senior Change Management Consultant @ Microsoft | Frankfurt Am Main Area

QX: Alex, “Microsoft is looking like the new Apple” is the title of a 2016 article in the MIT Technology Review. This and similar articles see Microsoft charging ahead while Apple is falling behind when it comes to product innovation. There were times when it looked like Microsoft had lost its competitive edge and was written off by most of the experts. How did this change happen?

Alex: Having a bit of an insight perspective, I still can only tell you my personal view. Microsoft realized that the time will come when people use IT and pay for IT different than it was before.

To start with a detailed example: Companies and private persons had installed Windows XP for more than 14 years (fourteen years in technology is like a person’s lifetime!), since it was stable and good at that time. But without any updates or new versions, people felt a lack of new functionality. At the same time, computing hardware got cheaper and often we had newer and better systems in our homes than in the office. People got frustrated and used other vendor’s systems. That was probably a starting point for change... 

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