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QX-Development Center

Das QX-Development Center ist unser mehrfach jährlich stattfindendes Auswahl-Assessment für neue Mitglieder des QX-Netzwerks.

Die nächsten Termine: 

16. & 17. Nov 2017 in Frankfurt
30. Nov & 1. Dez 2017 in Frankfurt

Bewerbungen (CV sowie vollständige Zeugnisse) können ganzjährig als einzelne PDF-Datei über membership@quarterly-crossing.com eingereicht werden.


ICU Cover

Am 07. und 08. September findet das 2. Finale des in Deutschland einzigartigen Stipendien-Programms ICU (“I See You”) statt.

Das ICU Stipendium bietet eine umfassende und einzigartige Förderung von Leadership mit internationalen Praktika und Gap-Year Projekten, Vorstands-Mentoring, Executive-Coaching, finanzieller Unterstützung sowie nachhaltiger Sichtbarkeit bei Top-Entscheidern.

Weitere Information gibt es auf der Webseite www.icu-scholarship.com


QX-Cruise vom 30. September - 7. Oktober 2017

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Associate Expert, Intrnational Trade Center (UN / WT) | Geneva Area, Switzerland

Annegret Brauss is passionate about contributing to the sustainable development of the global economy. In her current position at the International Trade Centre, she supports organizational innovation as well as the competitiveness of small- and medium sized companies from developing countries. Before, she was working for four years at an international management consulting company focusing on the strategic development of energy companies in Europe and China. Annegret studied Business and Chinese Studies in Oxford, Tuebingen and Beijing.

QX: Annegret, looking back on your path of life, apparently, “China” has been a leitmotif for you. How come?

Annegret: I have always been interested in exploring different cultures and already as a teenager I went out to explore the world. During a holiday to China, I became intrigued by the mix of the modern and traditional culture and that it was so different from what I had seen before. Hence, I decided to study Mandarin – and could not let go of it ever since.

QX: What topics did you mainly work on during your time in China?

Annegret: I went to China many times, first as a student, then as an intern and most recently to work for an international consulting company. Given my previous experience in the energy industry, my work there was focused on Chinese and international companies in this sector. This included for instance investment strategies...

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